Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Translocation digest - May 2013

Conservation translocation projects:

India acts to save Asiatic lion by moving it – but hard work has ...
The Guardian
"The Gir conservation project has staved off extinction and helped increase population. Thetranslocation is about strengthening conservation prospects and ...

Kiwi Conservation Genetics
The Earth Times
Only 5 birds formed the nucleus of a translocated colony moved to Kapiti Island ...How to manage a population that needs conserving, yet seems likely to ...

Enthusiasts celebrate the anniversary of wolf reintroduction
Silver City Sun News
Dave Parsons, carnivore conservation biologist and former U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Mexican Wolf Recovery Coordinator, was the guest speaker at the 15th Anniversary Lobo Birthday Party, held at the Little Walnut Creek picnic area on Sunday.

First eagles for more than 100 years born in Ireland
Irish Examiner
“The birth of these chicks gives a great boost to the reintroduction project initiated by my Department in conjunction with the Golden Eagle Trust. The principal aim of this project is to re-establish a viable breeding population of white-tailed eagles ...


Scimitar-Horned Oryx Reintroduction Workshop (2012 ...
Scimitar-Horned Oryx Reintroduction Workshop (2012) report. Submitted by CBSG on Wed, 2013-05-15 09:27. File: SHO_Chad_WorkshopReport_English_FINAL.pdf ...

Atkinson, K.-L., & Lacroix, C. (2013). Evaluating reintroduction methods for the Gulf of Saint Lawrence aster (Symphyotrichum laurentianum) on Prince Edward Island. Botany, 91, 293–299.

Clements, D. R. (2013). Translocation of rare plant species to restore Garry oak ecosystems in western Canada: challenges and opportunities. Botany, 91, 283–291.

Fant, J. B., Kramer, A., Sirkin, E., & Havens, K. (2013). Genetics of reintroduced populations of the narrowly endemic thistle, Cirsium pitcheri (Asteraceae). Botany, 91, 301–308.

Grewell, B. J., Espeland, E. K., & Fiedler, P. L. (2013). Sea change under climate change: case studies in rare plant conservation from the dynamic San Francisco Estuary. Botany, 91, 309–318.

Guerrant, E. O. (2013). The value and propriety of reintroduction as a conservation tool for rare plants. Botany, 91, v–x.

Rynear, J., Peterson, C. L., & Richardson, M. L. (2013). Variables influencing germination and initial survival of two critically endangered plants: Warea amplexifolia and Lupinus aridorum. Botany, 91, 323–326.

Severns, P. M. (2013). Genetic differentiation in an artificial population of the threatened plant Lupinus oreganus (Fabaceae). Botany, 91, 319–322.

Valderrama, Sandra E., Laura E. Molles, Joseph R. Waas and Hans Slabbekoorn Conservation implications of song divergence between source and translocated populations of the North Island KĊkako JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECOLOGY Volume 50, Issue 3, June 2013. DOI : 10.1111/1365-2664.12094


Invitation to 26th International Ornithological Congress

Registration and abstract submission is now open for the 2014 IOC in Japan. Please pass this notice on through your networks.

Of possible specific interest Symposium S6 is "Avian Reintroductions in Changing Environments", convened by Dr Nagata Hisashi of Niigata University and me.

If you have examples of avian translocations (planned, undertaken, successful or not) into modified habitats or in response to changing environments (including Assisted Colonisation) then please consider submitting an abstract. We would be especially interested in projects that make reference to the new (2012) IUCN Reintroduction Guidelines.

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