Monday, 14 July 2014

Translocation digest: March 2014


Reintroduction experiments shed light on habitat requirements of marsh sandwort Arenaria paludicola in California, US.

When Rewilding isn't mad: rewilding the Chilean espinal with reintroduced guanaco.

Panther enthusiasts convene to discuss reintroduction to north Florida.

Pacific fishers planned for release in Mount Rainier National Park, US, this autumn.

Paddlefish reintroduction at Big Cypress Bayou, US.

Wolf top dog in BBC Countryfile reintroduction poll, UK.

Retuerta horses to be released in western Iberia, Spain, as part of rewilding project.

One of only two Irish-bred white tailed eagles found shot in Tipperary.

Cougars recolonizing historic range post-release are encountering human-related threats.

Steller's eider may be reintroduced to Alaska


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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Translocation digest: February 2014


Financial problems associated with relocation of local human communities in Madhya Pradesh, India, threatens proposed Cheetah translocation.

Mammal Society urges beaver reintroduction as part of flood management in the UK uplands.

Northumberland National Park, UK, to consider reintroduction of beaver and pine marten.

Third phase of elk reintroduction to go ahead in Virginia, US.

IUCN Reintroduction Case Studies published

Arizona (US) Fish and Wildlife officials to change management of desert bighorn introduction after losing 13 of 31 translocated animals.

Yurok Tribe hopes California condors can be reintroduced in Klamath River Basin

US Columbia River Tribes and Canadian First Nation work with governmental agencies to plan fish pass construction and reintroduction of migratory fish.


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Translocation digest: January 2014



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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Translocation digest: December 2013

Salmon reintroduction to Canadian Columbia River recommended ...Revelstoke Times Review
Salmon migrating upstream in the Bonneville Dam fish ladder. Reintroduction of salmon to the Canadian Columbia River has emerged as an issue in ...
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Salmon reintroduction emerges as CRT negotiation issueArrow Lakes News
If all goes according to Bill Green's plan, the first reintroduced Columbia River salmon will cross the U.S.-Canada border in 2016, 78 years after the ...
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'Rare' Lizard juniper plant reintroduction hope by conservationistsBBC News
Conservationists hope to save an "extremely rare" plant which is only found in the wild in the UK in one valley in Cornwall. The team from the Eden ...
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Idaho's version of “reindeer” more elusive than everThe Spokesman Review (blog)
Habitat changes over the past 100 years have continued to limit the success of the cariboureintroduction. A 2012 survey turned up only 27 animals in ...
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It's no to reintroducing white tigers in MPHindu Business Line
The National Tiger Conservation Authority has refused to give its nod forreintroduction of white tigers in Madhya Pradesh saying they have no ...
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Black-footed ferret population recovery plan includes re-introduction ...Topeka Capital Journal
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service plan would reintroduce ferrets in new areas while officials work more closely with private landowners to avoid a ...
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10 yrs of Black Rhino re-introductionZambia Daily Mail (blog)
Simply put, the 10th anniversary of the re-introduction of the black rhino to the North Luangwa National Park recorded a good feedback from the ...
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Red-legged frogs may hop again soon in the Santa Monica MountainsLos Angeles Times
... biologists start alerting curious visitors to keep their distance from the first red-legged frogreintroduction effort ever attempted in Southern California.
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State to proceed with Madison bighorn sheep reintroductionMontana Standard
With Thursday's approval from the Fish & Wildlife Commission, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks will move forward with the reintroduction of bighorn sheep to ...
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Victoria to consider reintroduction of alpine cattle grazingThe Guardian
The Victorian government says it will consider the controversialreintroduction of cattle grazing in the state's alpine regions if given the go-ahead by federal ...
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Reintroducing eagles to California's Channel IslandsTri-City Weekly
It was 1979, when then-Humboldt State University undergraduate Garcelon proposedreintroducing Bald eagles to the islands. While the raptor had previously ...
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Ratty returns to riverbank after absence of a decadeNorth Devon Journal
A much loved animal which has become extinct in a huge tract of the South West is beingreintroduced – Martin Hesp went to Bude Marsh to find out more.
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Boehle column: Reintroducing American chestnut to the ...Zanesville Times Recorder
Be part of the reintroduction of what was once a major species throughout the ... Estimates are that reintroduction could take decades or even centuries, with ...
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Translocation digest: November 2013


New area selected for reintroduction of Puerto Rican parrotsGlobalPost
San Juan, Nov 21 (EFE).- The Maricao State Forest in western Puerto Rico has been selected as the site for a third colony in the wild of Puerto Rican parrots on ...
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Endangered ferrets reintroduced on ranchLa Junta Tribune Democrat
The ferrets, which are one of North America's most endangered mammals, were reintroducedon the Walker Ranch in Pueblo County. The event was hosted by ...
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Protecting Gir's lions: Kuno's gun culture worries expertsTimes of India
The report says that 40% of the revenue generated from the lionreintroduction project should percolate to local marginalized communities if anti-social activities ...
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In a first, sambars to be shifted and reintroducedTimes of India
NAGPUR: For the first time in the country, a non-endangered animal, the sambar, is being shifted and reintroduced to ensure that they procreate at a fast rate ...
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Bighorns will be reintroduced to Catalinasazcentral
The project will reintroduce bighorns to an area considered ideal terrain for the ... Some Tucson-area residents are worried that reintroduction of bighorns to ...
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Translocation digest: October 2013


Reintroduced Gorillas Going
The Aspinall Foundation's reintroduction of western lowland gorillas to areas of Africa where they have been hunted to extinction appears to be working, ...

10 gazelles reintroduced from Azerbaijan to GeorgiaNews.Az
Reintroduction of gazelles from Azerbaijan to Georgia as part of the project of IDEA campaign “Reintroduction of gazelles on their historical habitat in the ...
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Wild horse reintroduction project updateUB Post
Mongolia has been implementing the “Project on Re-Acclimatizing the Wild Horse” in Mongolia with the government of the Czech Republic and Prague Zoo ...
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Researchers see comeback for Europe's rare animalsLas Vegas Sun
... to the study, which found that protecting habitats, restricting hunting, reducing pollution and the careful reintroduction were key to the species' survival.
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Group questions need for wild bisonGreat Falls Tribune
A few spoke in favor of bison reintroduction. “Why do we need wild bison?” said Jo Schipman, who argued there is no way to contain the animals. “It's never ...
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Salmon reintroduced to Czech rivers after 50-year absence due to (blog)
Members of Czech Fishing Union and Bohemian Switzerland National Park release salmon every year to Kamenice River as part of thereintroduction program ...
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Ferret release akin to herding catsSeattle Post Intelligencer
The Arizona Game and Fish Department, with the cooperation of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, released 34 black-footed ferrets at a reintroduction site in ...
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Banff prepares for return of bisonVancouver Sun
The reintroduction - which draws on Parks Canada's long record of managing bison in national parks such as Elk Island, Wood Buffalo and Grasslands - won't ...
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Monday, 7 July 2014

Translocation digest: August 2013


Sea eagles breed on east coast of Scotland for first time in almost
Most have moved long distances from the release point, with some ending up in the west Highlands where birds have been reintroduced at different sites over a ...
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Adam Smith, an ecologist at the Missouri Botanical Garden has begun to determine the ability of “chaperoned” assisted migration to aid plants in responding to ...
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Ibis reintroduction program sees fledging successThe Japan Times
NIIGATA – Kei Osada, 41, is the man behind the recent success of a government effort toreintroduce the crested ibis as part of a captive breeding program for ...
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Keeping the Seychelles Island Giant Tortoises Off the Endangered ...The Edwardsville Intelligencer
Initial results of Giant Tortoise reintroduction seem positive, but close monitoring and care will need to be a priority as this delicate balance takes place. Full text ...
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New born beavers pictured at trial site aimed at bringing the animal ...Scottish Daily Record
The five youngsters or "kits" have been spotted at the Scottish beaver trial site at Knapdale in Argyll, the only licensed reintroduction scheme for beavers - and ...
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Plan seeks 'chaperones' for threatened
Critics claim that such 'assisted migration' could transform struggling species into destructive invaders, or inadvertently transmit disease, or that hybridization ...
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A timeline of the desert tortoise's slow and steady declineHigh Country News
Fish and Wildlife and the San Diego Zoo experimentally translocated juvenile tortoises from the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center to the former Nevada Test ...
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Translocation digest: September 2013

Endangered Mussel Is Reintroduced To TennesseeThe Chattanoogan
An endangered mussel came home to a Tennessee river last week, a monumentalreintroduction effort seven years in the making. On Wednesday, federal and ...
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Assisted migration could help plants find a new homeAnchorage Daily News
Plants, evolved to move with the natural rhythms of the world, cannot keep up with the rapid pace of climate change we are facing today. Their ideal habitats are ...
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Old Whooping Cranes Teach Youngsters Migration Route, And The ...Headlines & Global News
After their first human-assisted migration the young birds are on their own, although some choose to travel with other cranes. The team tracks their migration over ...
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Draft bison reintroduction plan releasedRocky Mountain Outlook
Parks Canada has released its draft plan to restore plains bison to the Rocky Mountains of Banff and the federal agency is now seeking comments from the ...
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Scottish ospreys help Spain reintroductionSurfbirds News (blog)
Twelve young Scottish ospreys have been released on the north Spanish coast near Bilbao, as the first stage of a five-year project to restore breeding ospreys to ...
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