Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Translocation digest: December 2013

Salmon reintroduction to Canadian Columbia River recommended ...Revelstoke Times Review
Salmon migrating upstream in the Bonneville Dam fish ladder. Reintroduction of salmon to the Canadian Columbia River has emerged as an issue in ...
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Salmon reintroduction emerges as CRT negotiation issueArrow Lakes News
If all goes according to Bill Green's plan, the first reintroduced Columbia River salmon will cross the U.S.-Canada border in 2016, 78 years after the ...
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'Rare' Lizard juniper plant reintroduction hope by conservationistsBBC News
Conservationists hope to save an "extremely rare" plant which is only found in the wild in the UK in one valley in Cornwall. The team from the Eden ...
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Idaho's version of “reindeer” more elusive than everThe Spokesman Review (blog)
Habitat changes over the past 100 years have continued to limit the success of the cariboureintroduction. A 2012 survey turned up only 27 animals in ...
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It's no to reintroducing white tigers in MPHindu Business Line
The National Tiger Conservation Authority has refused to give its nod forreintroduction of white tigers in Madhya Pradesh saying they have no ...
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Black-footed ferret population recovery plan includes re-introduction ...Topeka Capital Journal
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service plan would reintroduce ferrets in new areas while officials work more closely with private landowners to avoid a ...
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10 yrs of Black Rhino re-introductionZambia Daily Mail (blog)
Simply put, the 10th anniversary of the re-introduction of the black rhino to the North Luangwa National Park recorded a good feedback from the ...
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Red-legged frogs may hop again soon in the Santa Monica MountainsLos Angeles Times
... biologists start alerting curious visitors to keep their distance from the first red-legged frogreintroduction effort ever attempted in Southern California.
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State to proceed with Madison bighorn sheep reintroductionMontana Standard
With Thursday's approval from the Fish & Wildlife Commission, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks will move forward with the reintroduction of bighorn sheep to ...
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Victoria to consider reintroduction of alpine cattle grazingThe Guardian
The Victorian government says it will consider the controversialreintroduction of cattle grazing in the state's alpine regions if given the go-ahead by federal ...
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Reintroducing eagles to California's Channel IslandsTri-City Weekly
It was 1979, when then-Humboldt State University undergraduate Garcelon proposedreintroducing Bald eagles to the islands. While the raptor had previously ...
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Ratty returns to riverbank after absence of a decadeNorth Devon Journal
A much loved animal which has become extinct in a huge tract of the South West is beingreintroduced – Martin Hesp went to Bude Marsh to find out more.
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Boehle column: Reintroducing American chestnut to the ...Zanesville Times Recorder
Be part of the reintroduction of what was once a major species throughout the ... Estimates are that reintroduction could take decades or even centuries, with ...
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