Monday, 7 July 2014

Translocation digest: September 2013

Endangered Mussel Is Reintroduced To TennesseeThe Chattanoogan
An endangered mussel came home to a Tennessee river last week, a monumentalreintroduction effort seven years in the making. On Wednesday, federal and ...
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Assisted migration could help plants find a new homeAnchorage Daily News
Plants, evolved to move with the natural rhythms of the world, cannot keep up with the rapid pace of climate change we are facing today. Their ideal habitats are ...
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Old Whooping Cranes Teach Youngsters Migration Route, And The ...Headlines & Global News
After their first human-assisted migration the young birds are on their own, although some choose to travel with other cranes. The team tracks their migration over ...
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Draft bison reintroduction plan releasedRocky Mountain Outlook
Parks Canada has released its draft plan to restore plains bison to the Rocky Mountains of Banff and the federal agency is now seeking comments from the ...
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Scottish ospreys help Spain reintroductionSurfbirds News (blog)
Twelve young Scottish ospreys have been released on the north Spanish coast near Bilbao, as the first stage of a five-year project to restore breeding ospreys to ...
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