Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Translocation digest: November 2013


New area selected for reintroduction of Puerto Rican parrotsGlobalPost
San Juan, Nov 21 (EFE).- The Maricao State Forest in western Puerto Rico has been selected as the site for a third colony in the wild of Puerto Rican parrots on ...
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Endangered ferrets reintroduced on ranchLa Junta Tribune Democrat
The ferrets, which are one of North America's most endangered mammals, were reintroducedon the Walker Ranch in Pueblo County. The event was hosted by ...
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Protecting Gir's lions: Kuno's gun culture worries expertsTimes of India
The report says that 40% of the revenue generated from the lionreintroduction project should percolate to local marginalized communities if anti-social activities ...
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In a first, sambars to be shifted and reintroducedTimes of India
NAGPUR: For the first time in the country, a non-endangered animal, the sambar, is being shifted and reintroduced to ensure that they procreate at a fast rate ...
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Bighorns will be reintroduced to Catalinasazcentral
The project will reintroduce bighorns to an area considered ideal terrain for the ... Some Tucson-area residents are worried that reintroduction of bighorns to ...
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