Monday, 14 July 2014

Translocation digest: March 2014


Reintroduction experiments shed light on habitat requirements of marsh sandwort Arenaria paludicola in California, US.

When Rewilding isn't mad: rewilding the Chilean espinal with reintroduced guanaco.

Panther enthusiasts convene to discuss reintroduction to north Florida.

Pacific fishers planned for release in Mount Rainier National Park, US, this autumn.

Paddlefish reintroduction at Big Cypress Bayou, US.

Wolf top dog in BBC Countryfile reintroduction poll, UK.

Retuerta horses to be released in western Iberia, Spain, as part of rewilding project.

One of only two Irish-bred white tailed eagles found shot in Tipperary.

Cougars recolonizing historic range post-release are encountering human-related threats.

Steller's eider may be reintroduced to Alaska


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